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A $1 Microscope Folds From Paper With A Drop Of Glue

We have pocket watches, pocket cameras and now — with smartphones — pocket computers.

So why shouldn’t doctors and scientists around the world have pocket microscopes?

Bioengineer Manu Prakash and his team at Stanford University have designed a light microscope that not only fits in your pocket but costs less than a dollar to make.

And here’s the coolest part: You put the microscope together yourself, by folding it.

Imagine all the uses for this so-called Foldscope. Even in the poorest corners of the globe, doctors and scientists could use the pocket scope to diagnose common bacteria and pathogens, such as giardia, Chagas and malaria.

Here’s how it works.

"So the starting material looks really like a flat sheet of paper," Prakash says.

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Photo: All folded up and ready to magnify: The Foldscope weighs less than two nickels, is small enough to fit in your back pocket and offers more than 2,000-fold magnification. (TED/YouTube)

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